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We offer a bespoke service with the most competitive bridging loan rates and costs to suit clients’ requirements.

With our professional knowledge of bridging loan finance, you can be confident that we will help you reach your goal, and guide you throughout the process.

We offer a high quality service to all our customers looking for Bridging finance, and this includes FREE advice and NO BROKER FEES for Bridging finance.


What is bridging loan finance? 

Bridging loan finance is a temporary short-term loan which can be arranged quickly, and which is intended to bridge the gap until other long-term finance can be put in place.

The most common use for bridging loans  is when a customer is purchasing a property but is still waiting on their current property sale to go through.  In order to secure their purchase, they may need bridging loan finance to buy the new property.  Once they have sold their existing property, the bridging loan finance can be repaid.

Another use of a commercial bridging loan is when a customer is buying a property to renovate and then sell on quickly.

Bridging loan finance is often useful for people buying properties at auction when the transaction has to be paid quickly.

We  offer  customers the most competitive bridging loan rates in the market and give guidance and support throughout the whole process.


How can we help you?

With over 20 years’ experience  we give our customers the best advice and support throughout the whole process of bridging.

Whether you are looking for help with a commercial bridging loan or are looking for the best bridging loan to help you purchase your new home while you wait for your current property to be sold, Kevin Sewell Mortgages will help you think outside the box, and give guidance throughout.


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